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What is a carpool?

A carpool is two or more commuters sharing a ride in one of their own vehicles. The best carpooling arrangements are very flexible. In fact, you don஥ed to carpool every day, just as often as your schedule allows. This gives you the freedom to plan errands or appointments on days when you aren࣡rpooling.  
For example you are going to workplace on a two-wheeler which is 10 kilometers away. Lets assume that one of your neighbors is also going to same company or in the same route. Instead of going in two deferent vehicles every day, you both can share the ride. One week you drive and next week other. Both can save money and reduce pollution.

How does carpooling work?

Carpoolers can either share driving and expenses or one person may drive most or all of the time, in which case the passenger shares operating expenses with the driver.

Figure out who's going to drive and when. If everyone takes turns driving, decide if you want to alternate on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If there are more than two of you in your carpool, designate a back-up driver in case someone's unable to drive during their rotation. Then, do a schedule and make sure every member of your carpool gets a copy of your schedule and contact numbers..

Next, talk to the people in your carpool to determine where to meet. Decide whether you prefer door-to-door service or meeting at one central convenient location to all. Establish your morning and evening pick up times. Then plan your route!

How can I find a carpool in my area?

There are lots of great ways to find carpool partners. Click Here to search for ads posted in this website database of hundreds of interested carpoolers Carpool Section. You썊 receive a match list with the names and contact information of those persons who match your commute pattern (home addresses are never included on the match lists and home numbers may be excluded as well.) Just contact the names on that list and make your carpool arrangements. If you don't find a match, you can post a new ad.
You can contact co-workers and neighbors.  Or post a sign in your car window or on bulletin boards at work.  
Be sure to call everyone whose name you receive. Their hours may be flexible. They may be willing to meet you at a convenient pick-up point. And best of all, they may know other people interested in carpooling!

Make sure what's fare is fair.

If each person in the carpool takes a turn at driving, then there's no need to charge. If only one person drives, however, you'll want to charge each rider a reasonable fare.
Determine how costs will be split.  Here's one way to do it:

Carpool roundtrip mileage X Cost per kilometer εmber of carpoolers = Daily fare per Rider

You may also want to include any parking costs you might have.

How to keep up a  successful carpool ride share?

The best way to keep your carpool running smoothly is by working out some carpool rules in advance. Decide how to handle issues like smoking, eating and drinking in the car, radio playing, waiting times for tardy riders, seating arrangements, car maintenance (a clean car is a happy car), and driving rotation. You may even want to talk about talking in the car. Some people enjoy it, others don't -- especially in traffic. Agree on how to handle vacations and bad weather. And don't forget to give everyone a list with each carpooler's home and work phone numbers, in case of illness or emergency.

What if I do not own a Car or Bike?
No problem. Join a carpool that doesn஥ed a driver and pay your share of the gas and parking (if applicable).  

   Does carpooling help the environment? Yes! The ice caps are melting. If we keep pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at the rate we're going, everyone in the coastal cities will need to learn how to swim. Emissions could be significantly reduced with more carpooling.

Guidelines to Consider when Starting/Listing a Carpool:

Establish a trial period for the carpool.
A few weeks is a good period of time for determining if all participants want to continue with the carpool.

Determine drop-off and pick-up points and times.
Most carpools do this at either residences or common meeting points. Those who must drive to join up with the carpool can leave their cars at a safe Park lot.  Some are conveniently located along bus routes, and others, while not on bus lines, may be good meeting places for van and carpoolers. Some lots are shared facilities with the businesses that own or lease the property.  You may also be able to establish a park and ride lot that is convenient to your carpoolಥsidences by speaking with property management of a desired location.

Decide if one person will drive, or if the responsibility will rotate.
Most carpools rotate driving responsibilities. If you rotate drivers, determine the schedule and the rotation.

Discuss personal preferences before the first day.
Radio on or off? If on, what station will you listen to?
Is smoking, eating or drinking permitted?
How long should the driver wait for a late passenger?

Establish a chain of communication to notify each other of illness or other changes affecting the group.

  How much money can I save by carpooling? Quite a bit. If commuting is 75% of your vehicle usage, and you share your commute with two others, you will save about 50% of the total cost of your car, including fuel, maintenance, and depreciation. In addition there are also savings in tolls and parking fees that add up over time.

Is my information private? Yes. We respect your privacy, and will not distribute member information without your permission (except in response to verified requests from law enforcement or emergency services).

   Can I place a carpool listing if I don't have a car? Yes. You can contribute to the expenses of the driver without having a car, and everyone saves. This may not be possible in all cases, but you can work out the details after receiving a response to your listing. Similarly, feel free to respond to a carpool listing even if you don't have a car.

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