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Dear NRI we need 5 minutes from Routine boring life!
Everyone thinks that we should do something to save our land from corruption and keep our children and future generations safe. But no one initializes a step. Here is the golden opportunity and easy to follow. 
IndiaEyeWitness.Com is collecting information on how to resolve the issues reported in India. 
As an NRI you might have come across some good possible solution to that problem. 
What all you need to do is just suggest that solution to us and we will take care of the rest.
How we do it?
We found a simple way of collecting the everyday human life issues and solutions. This is what we do to get the things done. 
Users who had experienced or came to know about any issue, will post in our database. 
We will ask all Indianís across the world to suggest the best possible solutions. 
We conduct a poll on those solutions As soon as we select best possible suggestions to implement, we will release pamphlets to spread among the community Then we will forward these solutions to the responsible department in government of India. 
If government decides to follow any of our solutions or wont respond in a month or so, then we will send the same issue and suggestions across all newspaper websites and let the people know across the India.
As an initial step, we have chosen the Police department in India. We are requesting all Indians to suggest best solutions to improve this system and help in bringing every normal Indian to police station without a fear to report any problem.
What else you are thinking? Its really a simple idea to save our land. React now and receive a satisfaction to this life saying that you did something revolutionary.
It is never late to do a good thing. This is a golden opportunity for you to prove that you can do something for your homeland.