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Did you realize that by knowingly, or unknowingly we are suggesting a bad path to our children? 

A small example on how u r corrupting your children’s life: You go to driving license office and pay 300 rupees and get the license, because you don't want to stand in the line for hours. This is the culture started today and only one big office. Tomorrow when your kids grownup, they might need to pay in 10 deferent offices ten times more. 
It means our kids need to earn ten times more than what we earn. This is what we want to give to our children? Think twice what you did till now and what you have to do in future. 
People say, they are not following the corrupted ways by will, its because they do not have another way. No, this is not true, by doing so they are promoting corruption. 
A question arises How can we change it ? How we can resolve this issue? Read this entire message and follow some simple solutions provided here. 

A new website IndiaEyeWitness.Com is launched to clear the corruption from the roots. This site is managed by all Indians around the world would like to help in rebuilding India and dedicated to help everyone in finding a better future path. 
As a first milestone for our future generations, We welcome every Indian to share the issues and concerns to improve our police system which plays a major role in preservation of values in public life and in ensuring the safety of every citizen. We welcome every possible solution to improve the system. Please help us to get the best solution to the problem. We will send all possible solutions to the government of India
and let all Indians know what we are trying to reach.

Step 1: we are trying to educate you on your rights. 
Step 2: You are invited to report a problem in the website and we will try to find a solution. We will report all suggestions and issues to the corresponding departments. 
Step 3: Gather betters possible solutions from all Indians around the world and suggests them to the government.
How you can contribute in this new revolution?
 Don’t through garbage on the streets. If someone is littering on the streets tell him or her not to through on the streets, which is causing for pollution. You can follow this simple method on any thing including in following the traffic rules, which are causing for accidents. 
We have some simple ideas and instructions to follow. Think about your children before you commit any small corruption issue Keeping the neighborhood clean – no spitting, no garbage on streets Raise your voice to get your rights. 
Forming queue at bus stops Curbing of smoking in public areas, busses Cleanliness drive tell your neighbors, tell your friends and spread the word about this website and what we are committed to do for us.

Don't know what's going to happen in next minute. Be good and guide others.

Please print this pamphlet and distribute among other friends and families and let them know what we are trying to reach.