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   We have created easy to use pamphlets in major languages. We are trying to remind the rights of every Indian using these pamphlets. Please print and make copies of it as much as you can and distribute them among your friends, and well-known stores. This will help us to reach all Indianࡲound the world and in India. 
If you are interested in creating new pamphlet message, which can help to reach every Indian, Please send us email with the message to

Note: Please do not trough these pamphlets into air, which might cause for pollution, and garbage on the roads.

Distribute these pamphlets among friends, families, schools, colleges, major stores and if you r working in a company, put some pamphlets near the receptionist.

August 15th Rally/ Corruption Free Pamphlets:
1).August 15th: Rally by Students & Teachers on Corruption. (English) in MS Word Format.

Pamphlets for NRI's:
1). Golden Opportunity to rebuild India! (English) - Kumar, Florida
2). If you are busy with your work, at least let your parents or friends to do us a small favor. (English)
3). Enough is enough. At least React now and bring Indian politics into right track (English)
Pamphlets to distribute in India:
1). Did you realize that by knowingly, or unknowingly you are suggesting a bad path to your children? (English) - Kumar, Florida
2). Need Volunteers (English)
3). Golden opportunity to change our lives. Don't miss it! (English)
4). Save your family from aids.(English)
5). You Report to us. We report to the appropriate department. (English)
6). Yevaro vastaarani yEdo chestaarani yeduruchoosi mosapoku. Nijamu marachi nidurapoku.(Telugu)
7). Enough is enough. At least React now and bring Indian politics into right track (English)
8). (Telugu)

Volunteer yourself and get a satisfaction to this life
There are so many ways you can help Indians. Be a part in saving our culture and thousands of years history.