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"I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody, to be just nobody [to no one] " 
-- Mother Teresa

   Voluntary Groups/ Organizations in Category:   Education 

   Unfortunate Children needs your Help
State :  Any State District :   Any District City :   Any City
Organization Details :   Samuel Vonumu
Contact Email :   Vonumu@hotmail.com
Details :   I belong to a very poor family once upon a time. With God's blessings I am very sucessful and doing very well in life now. My past has taught me so much in life. I started helping poor children where the parents are unable to educate them due to financial problems. Our children are our future therefore, we need to do something especially for people of Country, India.

Currently, I am sponsoring 20 children in Nuzvid and 3 children in Vizag and 3 more in Narsapur in AndhraPradesh. Since I am from Andhra Pradesh, I started with helping children from Andhra. I know a lot of people around who can monitor the children in the schools and make sure they get the help 100%. That is the only reason, I started in Andhra. Frankly speaking, All are equal to me. Poor people need no religion or country. Where ever they are, they are poor and they need help. I would like to get in touch with those who are interested in helping our people in India. I believe in team work and unity. Togeather we can do wonders. If you have some budget available for helping poor children, please let me know. Because, I am getting many requests from families in India who needs help. But I cannot help all alone. Some of you wanted to help but do not know how. I will show you the way if you show committed interest.

May God bless you and your willingness to help others.

With Love
Samuel Vonumu

   Voluntary Groups/ Organizations in Category:   National 

  Child Aid Foundation
   Yours in the children's service
State :  Andhra Pradesh District :   Any District City :   Any Place
Organization Details :   Dr. A. Goswami, Ph.D. - Founder & Director
Child Aid Foundation
Address: "Sevaniketan", Patamatalanka,
Vijayawada, A.P., 520010, India
Telephone: (0091)(0866)2470380
Contact Email :   email@childaidfoundation.org
Details :   The main focus is to provide whatever aid and care is required by the poor and needy children thus enabling them to pursue and complete their education to as high a level as possible and desired.Child Aid Foundation provides comprehensive aid and care to children, both boys and girls, of all ages and educational levels. This aid and care includes nutritious food, clothing, shelter, education, vocational training, medical care, and job placement. Aid and care are being provided both on a residential and non-residential basis.

Many children find themselves in critical situations through no fault of their own. If they do not receive aid and care, they become child laborers, street children, or juvenile delinquents. Child Aid Foundation identifies and saves these types of children. In this way, it works in the areas of prevention and cure.

   Voluntary Groups/ Organizations in Category:   Education 

  Sindhanai Sirpigal
   "Quality Life to ALL Indians..."
State :  Tamil Nadu District :   Coimbatore City :   Vavipalayam
Organization Details :   Sundaramoorthy,
Founder: Sindhanai Sirpigal
3/209, Vavipalayam,
Kethanur(Via), Palladam - 641671
Coimbatore District.

04255 - 279303
04255 - 279603

Senthil Kumar Arumugam - 98422-67579
Sundaramoorthy - 98422-69262
Contact Email :   info@sslindia.com, senthil@sslindia.org
Details :   Is it not possible for all Indians to get a "Quality Life"? . Yes. It is possible. We believe in it and working towards that.

SSL is a registered public charitable trust serving 10 villages of Coimbatore district(Vavipalayam panchayat) to transform these villages
into "Model villages" with respect to civic amenities, literacy, awareness in villagers and Government school standards. All the field works are being done with the association of the local panchayat president, an independent candidate. Atpresent 3 Night Schools(a literacy program) are in operation. More than 75 people are coming to these schools, daily. These Night Schools are used to convert illiterates into literates and then to "Responsible Citizens".The Night schools are also used to teach self confidence and value system to school students. Visit http://photos.yahoo.com/sslindia to view pictures taken from our Night schools. Apart from this, periodical eye camp, medical camps are being conducted to serve elder people. We believe that, this
joint venture between a public charitable trust and panchayat raj system will give a new model to social service activities.

Our website: http://www.sslindia.org

   Voluntary Groups/ Organizations in Category:   Health 

State :  Any State District :   Any District City :   Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India
Organization Details :   R. Ramachandran Nair, Secretary General, CANCER CRUSADERS COMBINE.
E-mail: cancercrusader@yahoo.com
Nagpur Contact Address: C/o Saboo Surgical Hospital, Utkarsha Chambers, 2nd Floor, Darodkar Chowk, Central Avenue, Nagpur-440002, Maharashtra State. Tel: (0712) 2766131.
Cochin Contact Address: C/o John Mathew & Associates, Trademark & Patent Attorneys, Akshaya, 2nd Floor, Old Railway Station Road, Kombara, Cochin-682014, Kerala State, Tel: (0484) 2391374.
Contact Email :   cancercrusader@yahoo.com
Details :   CANCER CRUSADERS COMBINE was conceptualized in 1998 by R.Ramachandran Nair, a Social Activist and first Registrar of Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram, with a long term object of prevention of the dreadful disease cancer. The moto of the organization: compassion, commitment and co-operation. Taking care of one's health is much easier than going after miracle cures after getting sick. This is less understood. Millions of dollars/rupees are spent on cancer research, but there is no mechanism to translate the research findings for prevention of diseases, improve health and help all round human development. Through research mankind found out innumerable carcinogenic substances i.e. substance that can cause cancer, but there is no check / control over these carcinogenic substances. Tobacco, PVC, asbestos are some examples. There is an urgent need to check/control all carcinogenic substances. This and more one can learn from visiting the website of Cancer Crusaders Combine at: www.cancercrusader.org

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