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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

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Courts should work 24/7
  Posted By: Prakash.B / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City:  

Today the crime rate has increased and hence the no of cases in the courts have incresed.

When there is an over flow of orders and urgent requirement for production in a private factory, they work on something called 24/7 basis - 24 hours and seven days of a week.

This can be applied to courts too. We all know that there are enough and more lawyers and there are a lot of them aqspiring to become Judges. If they could be appointed and if they can work on 3 shift basis the No of cases will come down and the famous Mysore type incidents would come down. 

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  Posted By: R. Ramachandran Nair / Date:
State: Kerala   District: Ernakulam   City: Kochi  

Justice delayed is justice denied. More than the delay and denial of justice, what is unbearable for a citizen is judicial torture. This is something to be personally experienced by one to believe it. A citizen cannot afford to express the pain of judicial torture as that expression can be construed as disrespect / contempt of court and that can lead him behind the bars. As a result the feelings are suppressed causing mental depression and leading one to aggressive behavior with everyone and everything around. Mental and physical torture as well as police torture and judicial torture too. Where will one go for remedy against judicial torture?

On Thursday the 19th June 2003 morning in one of the courts of Kerala High Court one young counsel of a litigant gone for a remedy for non-receipt of certified copy of a judgment from a subordinate court for many years. The judge has reportedly expressed his helplessness in the matter as if it is not something unusual, attributing the delay on account of repair / non-availability of photocopier(s). Photocopier could be easily made a scapegoat in the matter.

I am reminded here of what Mahatma Gandhi told the British Lord Chancellors in the year 1931 while pleading for Indian independence and discussing about legal remedy:

“It is the court to which every person who is at all aggrieved can go. A great Jurist in the Transvaal – and the Transvaal and South Africa generally have undoubtedly produced very great Jurists – once said to me, in regard to a very difficult case, ‘Though there may be no hope just now, I tell you that I have guided myself by one thing, or else I should not be a lawyer: the teaches us lawyers that there is absolutely no wrong for which there is no remedy to be found in a court of law, and if judges say there is no remedy, then those judges should be immediately unseated’. I say that with all deference to you, Lord Chancellor.”

The primary duty of a nation state is to give justice to its citizens. The preamble of Indian Constitution reads: “We, the people of India resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizens: Justice…., Liberty….., Equality….., and ……Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.”

Ignore the delay in granting justice and the maxim ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. Much more than this if a litigant citizen cannot have a certified copy of the judgment for years, this is not only a great injustice but a judicial torture causing irreparable losses to the citizens. A certified copy of the judgment should be made available to the litigant citizen the next day, if not the same day, and in no case it should be delayed for more than a week. If that cannot be made possible by the Court / Judge concerned that is not at all justifiable in this era of highest technological revolution. Judges can have high salaries, all benefits including computers, mobile phones and imported cars. They need their salaries every month and counsels need their fees, whether the litigant receive justice or not. Is it then too much for a litigant citizen to expect a certified copy of the judgment within a week? If a litigant citizen – a common man cannot have a certified copy of a judgment within a week, it is a judicial torture by all means. Delay breeds corruption. This is a malignancy that has eaten into the vitals of governance of this country including the judiciary. If this is not corrected and cured, the damage to the nation state will be irreparable. The citizens will be compelled to go after alternative sources of justice, be it through money or muscle. Let this not happen in India – the land of Vedas and Sages – the land of Gautam Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi.

This is an appeal of an insignificant Indian citizen to the Chief Justice of India and the Chief Justices of all High courts as well as Judges of all subordinate courts to ensure that a litigant citizen is provided a certified copy of a judgment the next day of pronouncing the judgment or within a week. Also both the President of India and the Prime Minister of India as well as State Governors and Chief Ministers are requested to look into this matter and correct the situation expeditiously.

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BSNL landline telephone dead since two weeks
  Posted By: alexander@itochu.co.in / Date: 9/12/2005
State: Maharashtra   District: Thane   City: Vasai  

For the last two weeks, my telephone line at my Vasai residence is dead.
Whenever put up complaints, the recorded voice of
"Cable fault" irritates me. Why cant the concerned
people rectify the problem, I cant understand. 

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