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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > Local Issues:

development of villages
  Posted By: vani reddy / Date:
State: Andhra Pradesh   District: Rangareddy   City: kachvani singaram  

I am a resident of a small village in A.P and had recently come to USA for higher studies. One thing, which I am most fascinated about USA, is each and every town in United States is well developed with minimum basics necessities.
So what I wanted convey through this is, try to develop each &every village of the district with minimum basic needs like primary health care centers, hospital for emergency cases, drinking water supply, frequency of transportation, roads, banks, schools, stores. The additional advantage by doing this is people would like to stay in their own villages without migrating to cities. Hence the population in cities also comes down.
In fact different organizations should come up who take care exclusively of villages. People should be encouraged and awarded for putting efforts in developing their own villages. 

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Village sarpanch responsibilities
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness.Com / Date: 12/19/2002
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Gram Panchayat  

Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Department have given some funds to each village towards water, roads, transportation, education etc. But they are not being utilized properly.

We need to formulate a list of every gram panchayat sarpanch responsibilites. Our group of volunteers will post copy of these all solutions to each sarpanch. We have listed some common issues in every panchayat.

1). The Panchayat Raj Institutions had never been given specific powers responsibilities and funds to carryout their routine functions.

2). Assistance provided by secretaries of Gram Panchayat to the Sarpanch in day-to-day activities should be more useful.

3).For most of the people, at central and State level, decentralization or local self-governance is a goal. There is no disagreement with this assertion. But there is no unanimity about the path to reach there.
Non-congeniality of end result and chosen path leads to undesirable results.

4).There are hardly any funds for the discretionary use by the elected Sarpanches, i.e. to take up locally needed activities at locally required time. The table below shows typical flow of funds in a village Panchayat

5). The central problem is lack of scope for utilization of the local skills and knowledge

6). Devolution of Powers, Functions and Responsibilities 

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Internet Cafes- Not safe for children
  Posted By: Seshadri Manchem / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Major Cities  

In India, internet centers are just like cafe centers... which is good to learn more about the fast growing generation, but the problem is teenagers specially young kids are using these internet centers to view porn sites... most of the internet centers are having customers of this age group only. There is no control. Like as of my knowledge in usa, we have fire wall or else parental controls. But in India it's like open to every one...
With the craze for online chatting and the Internet somewhat diminished in the last year or so.
Some times they might have been chatting with unknown strangers, who may ask them to come to a lonely place and later any kind of worst thing can happen. Some people even chatting with girl's names to attract young people and then trap them.
Some of these cafes have taken to screening X-rated movies on the computer and shockingly most of the customers are under aged children. With a small cabin, a computer to yourself and practically no possibility of anyone snooping on you, the cafe gives these surfers an environment which is about as private as it can get.

Small wonder that erotica so easily and cheaply available is drawing young people in hordes to these cafes. The rates are as low as Rs 10 for an hour of viewing and Rs 15 for two hours.

One day I am chatting with a friend, who is sitting in one of the cyber cafes and with his first message, there is a popup adult website link attached automatically, because of the virus on that computer from where he is chatting.

Some one should take action to prevent these issues...
Are these Internet cafes taking enough precautions to prevent children from accessing restricted sites?
As we know even adults are not allowed to see these kind of adult movies or pictures, what should be the right process to block the adult websites?
How do we track and report the abuse of a corrupted cyber café owner? 

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Electricity Crisis
  Posted By: lalit / Date: 11/29/2005
State: Haryana   District: Faridabad   City: Faridabad  

I am resident of Faridabad (so called NCR)for last 3 yrs and the problem of electricity prevails from day 1. Electricity cuts are a normal day to day phenomena. Leave alone summer even in winter also the cuts are for 3-4 hrs daily. I think the HSEB guys sell (maybe at double rate)the electricity to industries rather then providing it to residents who pay the taxes. I being the representative of Faridabad would suggest to refrain from coming into this place for living otherwise bear the trouble of electricity cuts and worst roads. I am amazed as to none of the administrators is bothered with this issue maybe coz they have the luxury of avoiding this issue to its worst. Can somebody reply on this??  

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Ineffective Government in punishing the thieves
  Posted By: sheetal / Date: 3/24/2006
State: Punjab   District: Gurdaspur   City: pathankot  

In our town the system of politics is so bad that we people are not at all safe out here. The theieves are roaming here and there and fooling people by snatching there purses and killing them. the MLA out here is unaware of all these things OR HE DOESNOT WANT TO KNOW as he has not done anything to stop all these. instead of catching those theives the police has set the thieves free as they are minor. we people are paying high amount of taxes for what? as we are not getting security , not a good road, no place such like park, no goverment college.
so steps should be taken to improve our government procedures. 

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Save Poor Gilrs of Tamil nadu from the Evil of KASARKOTI
  Posted By: sangeetha / Date: 4/25/2006
State: Kerala   District: Any   City: KASARKOTI  

In this village called KASARKOTI around 1000 tamilian girls of ages aroung 12 to 20 are working as house keepers for some rich people of kasarkoti.These poor girls were treated badly means they were given salary once in a year ,and were forced to work from morning 4 to night 10 o clock.also some of the girls were forced to have sexual relation with those owner of the house.
This has to be punished
Governmetn should take a hard decision to help those poor gilrs sufferring a lot of because of poverty in their family.
these girls are brought from low class family by giving their parents some amount of money .Most of these girls are from south of Tamil nadu.
Please consider this issue and save these girls from the HELL.And my request is to give them a good job so that they will make their life safe and good.

Thanks for doing so. 

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Security for Women in Bangalore - Car drivers
  Posted By: bangalorewomen / Date: 6/24/2006
State: Karnataka   District: Bagalkot   City:  

Women in bangalore have less security, Car drivers in bangalore who come from different city and state here for living are behaving very bad with womens. Women in banglore can't travel or walk by any car side.
Recently an insident happen while all the women were going for a morning walk an car came and stopped in front of them "car no. KA, 05 ME 1947" and a person open a door of the car who was undress, people felt were ashamed and came from the place of incident. Tried to call police "100" but there was no person who could response to there call.... These kind of insident are more in bagalore compare to any other city. Women in banaglore need security and response from polic server when help in need.
I feel ashame to live in this city any more.. it make me feel that i am paying tax for the grovenment, inturn we don't get any thing from them. Please help people in need.


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