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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > Health:

Cigarette smoking in public places effects non-smokers
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness.Com / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

Information collected from research articles and newspapers.

" Smoking Effects: One million Indians die every year from tobacco-related diseases. Cigarette smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), coronary artery disease and a major risk factor for coronary heart disease. It is also the primary cause of chronic bronchitis and emphysema."

"Passive smoking: It is also called environmental smoke exposure. It is the phenomenon where non-smokers involuntarily inhale the smoke of nearby smokers. Wives, children and friends of smokers are a highly risk -prone group.
Passive smoking is associated with an overall 23 per cent increase in risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) among men and women who had never smoked. A lot of harm is caused due to the inhaling of the sidestream smoke."

"Sidestream smoke: It is the smoke issued from the burning end of a cigarette between puffs. Mainstream smoke, as distinguished from side-stream smoke, is the one that is exhaled by the smoker after inhalation.
Sidestream smoke contains three times more nicotine, three times more tar and about 50 times more ammonia. Inhalation of sidestream smoke by a non-smoker is definitely more harmful to him than to the actual smoker as he inhales more toxins."

"Supreme Court directed all states and Union Territories to immediately issue orders banning smoking in public places and public transports, including railways."

"The order banning smoking in public places would include hospitals, health institutes, public offices, public transports including railways, court buildings, educational institutions, libraries and auditoriums, the court said. "

"How practical is it to regularly pick up people seen smoking on the road or in other public places and take them to court? Does our police force have the time, manpower and infrastructure to concentrate on smoking offenders, unless they institute a separate `anti-smoking squad'? "

"He had been smoking for the last three years in public places. Now the change is he would cover his cigarette if he saw a policeman or if it came to the worst, he would pay a fine, he said. He agreed that he was polluting the air around him."

"In such cases, clearly the urge to smoke seems to subdue one's sense of social responsibility in public places. " 

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Fluorosis in drinking water
  Posted By: The People of Flourine Effected Villages in Nalgon / Date:
State: Andhra Pradesh   District: Nalgonda   City: Nalgonda District  

Dear Friends,

We may not be the first or the last to speak our anguish in words - or to squeak under very young bones; Several generations before us used those same bones as instruments to carry us this long. As a testimony to their success, we are still here.

We chose to speak today on an issue that is fundamental to our existence. We are the people who are cursed by the lack of very basic - safe drinking water.

If you stumbled on this message that hangs in space for the next millennium, you already most likely know about our plight. Our bones are brittle, our teeth come in color, we seem to age faster and our babies do not have normal childhood - all works out to a different life style.

All of this we owe it to Flouride. We also owe it to several successive central and state administrations, local and other leaders that conveniently forgot about our drinking water problems.

We stand corrected! they remind us constantly at every five years or sooner at every election cycle.


We are here though. We still can make a lot of noise. Our stiff and hollow bones seem to give us the extra talent to make a rhythmic noise and create a riot on our very own 'DAPPU' - the leather instrument that lets us forget our plight even for an ephemeral night.

We are here though. We still can speak. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. We refuse to quit. Even when our voice does not go beyond the person who is standing next to us, we do not fail to attract attention.

We do take comfort in knowing that you care. Please do not fail us, we need you to never forget us - all the pride we mustered over generations has survived us this far and if you are in a distant land where you can not be hurt anymore by this same water -


We do not meant to hurt anyone's feelings but expressing the problems of people living in nalgonda district villages. We have seen all the election promises from parties like Congress(A-Z), CPI(A-Z), CPM, TDP (A-Z) , BJP and any so called political parties!! but go in vein.


We are doing this With the hope of reaching you with our word -

Written for -

The People of Flourine Effected Villages in Nalgonda District.

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Commercialization, Faculty and Corruption issues in medical education
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City:  

Medical education is commercialized by opening private colleges and make a business. Atleast most of these colleges are not in rural places to assist near by villagers and provide medical help in emergency.

Some of the medical colleges do not have enough infrastructure - the hospital, number of beds, and most important, the faculty.
According to the report, out of 172 medical colleges and 123 dental colleges in the country, 23 medical and 38 dental colleges are in Karnataka alone. Yet, approximately 30 to 40 per cent of the shortage in teachers has been observed in all the health science institutions in the state, resulting in substandard professional education in healthcare.
According to the report, commercialization and corruption are two important issues that need to be tackled firmly.
Corruption in medical education has raised its head at various levels, and a mechanism should be evolved to root out this cancerous growth, as otherwise it will erode the credibility of the healthcare system in the country.
Corruption is visible at every stage, including that of examinations at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Starting from joining the medical college - you can buy a seat, you can buy the examiner, the corrupt examination system, you can get question papers.
in the viva-voce and practicals, many people have paid and it is still continuing.

Can we expect better treatment from the doctors who graduated in these circumstances? What are the steps we need to suggest to the govt.?

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What went wrong in our healthcare system?
  Posted By: IndiaEyeWitness / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: Any Place  

India’s economical growth rose to 6 percent last year. But still people in villages are depending on RMP doctors and medical stores to get treatment without visiting a qualified doctor. Villagers have very little income with little or no access to health care services. There was no health infrastructure in place; as a result, the sick were carried 15-20 km to the nearest road for transportation to the closest health care facility.
Consequently, there was a high rate of infections, diseases and other related health issues.
Our respected Prime Minster, saying that Villages should be developed, but there is no better infrastructure to plan and build healthcare facilities to the villagers.
Not only in villages, even in cities, healthcare became a major business than providing services to the needy people. Govt. doctors are opening evening practice at home and not providing healthcare services in the govt. hospitals. There are not enough beds and facilities.
There is not enough research to improve basic medical needs. There is no prescription system required to get the treatment. People can buy medicines from medical stores without prescription. This may be an advantage, for those people who cannot pay fees to the doctors, but medical stores making money and not even paying proper taxes.
What went wrong in our healthcare system? What are the best solutions?

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What cure for malignancy of Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram?
  Posted By: R. Ramachandran Nair / Date:
State: Kerala   District: Thiruvananthapuram   City: Thiruvananthapuram  

Who will cure the malignancy of Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram? Are poor cancer patients of Kerala destined to suffer for ever while specialists of different branches of cancer treatment viz. radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery fight against each other and the Government out of way throw its weight on the Radiotherapist Director Dr.M.Krishnan Nair and protect him at the cost of poor cancer patients. Chemotherapist Dr.Gangadharan is already out of the Hospital on long live and serving a private hospital at Ernakulam. Poor cancer patients from all over the state suffer due to this. But who cares. It seems the State Government and the State Health Minister has got a vested interest and hidden agenda in protecting the highly powerful, rich and socially well-connected Radiotherapist Director of RCC Dr.M.Krishnan Nair. What a malignant cancer care system of God's own country Kerala! Any cure for this malignancy? 

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Telemedicine Networking in the field of Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery
  Posted By: DR ANIL KUMAR PATRA / Date:
State: Orissa   District: Cuttack   City:  

Presently, the Laparoscopic surgery is available in the field of Gall Stone Diseases and some other advance diseases throughout in the cities and even in small towns.
However Laparoscopic technique is safe, feasible and cost effective in the field of Cancer Surgery, but it is at its infancy in India though in Japan and America it has been accepted modality in the medical practice.

In India, though we have Tata Memorial cancer institute with Nine regional cancer institutes in India, hardly any body practicing Laparoscopic oncology in India.

However, Dr.C.Palanivelu, an Eminent Laparoscopic surgeon of International repute from GEM Hospital, Coimbatore is efficiently and effectively doing Laparoscopic Surgery in Early Cancer cases for which he has received "Berhampur Oration award" from the Association of Surgeons of India, Orissa Chapter for his original Laparoscopic Cancer work.

If President of India with his good officers along with Central Govt. participation particularly, with the help of Ministry of health & Ministry of Information Technology render assistance to spread educational information to all cancer institutes and medical colleges through out India for TELEMEDICINE NETWORK FROM GEM HOSPITAL, COIMBATORE IN THE FIELD OF LAPAROSCOPIC CANCER SURGERY ,many cancer patients of India can be benefited from this new technology. 

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Magic treatment for arthritis and muscular dystrophy
  Posted By: ASHIS SING THAKUR / Date:
State: Chhattisgarh   District: Durg   City: BHILAI  

An advertisement for magic treatment for arthritis and muscular dystrophy have been widely seen in almost all leading news paper etc. Dainik bhaskar, nav-bharat, hari-bhoomi and deshbandhu in drug region of chhatisgarh.

The so called tabe treatment clinics (pune) at plot no. 68, old motilal nehru nagar, bhilai which claims to have head office in pune and recorded cured patient of 75,0000 is a matter of great concern for all persons.

It is known that there is no treatment for muscular dystrophy and arthritis how they claim all these so openly. It is also a matter of shame for news papers-why they only for the sake of money without any confirmation issue the advertisement.

I request the government of chhatisgarh to make a detail inquiry for this clinic and if they are right in their claim please forward there name for noble prize or put them behind the bar. 

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State: Any State   District: Any District   City: cuttack,orissa  

1) The two-way communication of health care in distant medical education, training in new technology, patient referral, and distant medical care, distant follow of care,

2) Integration of clinical, experimental and research data in a multicentric study all over the country in a single theme.

3) Clinical marketing for the top dedicated clinicians and surgeons (who can not be made available in various parts of the country and he has to take care of his own institution)

4) Feed back information network for clinical, administrative management of one sector, may be govt., private, for organizational and policy matters of health care at a distance.

5) Accreditation for qualifying doctors as present scenario dictates not-only recognized qualification, recognized training, but also utilization of qualification and training and the performance through tele network.

6) Help lines for rural based doctors for the management of complicated cases.

7) Future progress of tele presence surgery and satellite surgery in the country.

8) Increases awareness among the receivers of health care regarding modern treatment and removes the age old taboos from the minds of people.( facts and facets will be known to the community)

Because of above-mentioned advantages, uniform system of telemedicine should be made by integration of private telemedicine network with govt. owned like isro-sponsored telemedicine under one national telemedicine council.


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New health care drive in the country
  Posted By: Dr.A.K.Patra / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City:  

Recent outbreak and rising trend of Dengu fever in Delhi, Luck now, Ahemdabad, possibly in Mumbai with patients dissatisfaction in big govt. hospitals as reported in media for particularly in west Bengal has focused on the change in our concept of the health care services in our country because of following observations.

1) Metros and cities are becoming crowded, there is plenty of contaminated stagnant water, poor sewage system, poor drainage system, new form of living style in the house without using mosquito nets, lack of adequate public health care facilities.
2) It is not possible to check any outbreak of any febrile illness like Dengu in crowed cities and metro despite of the large number of hospitals.
3) Present day hospital system dictates maximum bed strength up to 300/350 beds only with more emphasis on ambulatory care, day care treatment, advanced technology with minimal post procedure stay in the hospital, promotion of home care treatment with family, with more emphasis on utility and supportive services unit of hospital system, more emphasis on preventive and rehabilitative care, integration and innovation of various other technology with health care technology and recently new form of medical education system separated from patient care system under single roof with the use of telemedicine, virtual communication technology, more emphasis on use of computers in medical education, more awareness of advanced technology in education with emphasis shifting to research division in education sector.
4) If we observe our strength in nursing care, which is most important, it is insignificant. The present ratio with doctor is 1 nurse to 4 doctors. But it should be 4 nurses to one doctor.
5) If we observe the history and geography of epidemics, we can see maximum outbreak of febrile and communicable diseases were seen in cities, metros except nutritional related epidemics in rural areas.

1) Implementation of "PURA PROJECT- of VISION 2020 with adequate health care facilities.
2) More Nursing Colleges to be opened to balance the requirement of Paramedics.
3) Emphasis should be given towards cleanliness, sewage system, drainage system, and prevention of overcrowding of the hospitals, in metros and in the cities.
4) More public health related research in Industrial areas and in hospitals within that locality.
5) We may have to follow these simple principles behind having petrol stations in the highways i.e., keeping hospitals at a certain distance according to population so that emergency services can be made easily. 

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National AIDS Control Programm
  Posted By: dr. Anil / Date:
State: Any   District: Any   City: CUTTACK,  

Recently concluded International AIDS Control Programme has enlighten the aggressive vision of eradication of spread of AIDS in the world..Voice raised by Indian Delegation is highly commendable,but action has to be done in right direction. Few Suggession are made.
We have to see social angle of this spread of disease.There are three modes of social corruption i.e.,with the money,with the power, with the woman.Use of condum only prevent spread disease from one spouse to another.But, advertisement of open use of Condum,increases hypersexuality,multisexuality,which diminishes,breaksdown good social relationship.
In this direction, now ,the "Madhumakhi'", "Mordern call girls".,"Multisexuality ladies" should provide "RAKHI'to their customers rather than condums as situaion is first changing with action against corruption, malpractices as the mordern call girls, prostitutes know in detail about the customers..

Multisexuality ladies,Mordern Call Girls,In Prostitution,Compulsory AIDS test should be conducted by state health services,NGO,family courts,All State Govt. Hospitals upto the Subdivisional level.
AS a part of prevalance and incidence of disease to know the magnitude of diseases,compulsory registry in all cities to be maintained by the state Govt. officials.
Anybody, who loves eachother should go divorce not, separation, as separation suite promotes multisexuality in the abscence of one spouse.

yours Dr.Anil (-10-,12,56)

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Change in concept of Health
  Posted By: Dr. Anil / Date:
State: Any   District: Any   City: makarabasahi,buxibazar,cuttack  

Health can be divided into 3 types.
1-Medical Health which requires medical proffessionals.
2-public health, which requires medical personals expert in Social and preventive medicine knowledge along with panchait, nac, municipality authorities and personells
3-Social, spiritual health, which includes yoga, meditation, pranayama to prevent jelousy, unrest, violence promote social integration, harmony, improves social economy, correct social imbalance in realisations.

In all types of health to direct, guide requires the qualified recognized health care personals proficient in health care consultant.

They also have power to certify the health care product without which selling in the market can be questioned in the era of consumerism.
They should be consultant for accreditation of health care institutions without which, accreditation may be questioned.

Dr.Anil Kumar Patra, Hospital and Health Care Consultant

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HIV.AIDS - Nutritious Food.
  Posted By: Vachaspati / Date: 8/30/2008
State: Andhra   District: Prakasam   City: Ongole  

HIV/AIDS persons must not loose their weight. Everybody knows that nutritious food can save the infected persons from the aftermath of HIV/AIDS.
HIV/AIDS infected persons can live normal life as long as they take nutritious food. Perfect quality dietary suppliments are available in INdia, but they are in Direct Selling. I can recommend or get those products for you. And that there can be a part time/full time business opportunity also. But if the members NGO who are working for HIV/AIDs persons contact me, for details I can explain about those products. Mail me for details: Email : velavartipativacahspati@yahoo.com 

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Remove Blindness of Total 682497 indians in 11 days
  Posted By: Abhinadan / Date: 2/11/2012
State: Any   District: Any   City: All  

Dear Sir,
We have Daily Death of 62389 in india
We have Daily Birth of 86853 in india
Total Blinds in India 682497
If Daily Dead People donate their eyes, Blind People Able to see in 11 Days.

Than in India there will be no blind.
Kindly look into the matter. 

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