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"We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. "
-- Swami Vivekananda

Issues Posted > Education:

  Posted By: navneet / Date: 2/14/2012
State: Gujarat   District: Rajkot   City: rajkot  

i want make sarpanch web site.so,give some suggession. 

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Govt Recognition /OR University Affiliation/For Montessori course
  Posted By: Mahesh / Date: 8/2/2008
State: Maharashtra   District: Mumbai   City:  

I want to Teach Montessori Teachers Training Course how can I get it recognised by Education dept Or How can I get Government recognition.
Which of these do I require and who to approach. 

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  Posted By: satti / Date: 4/19/2008
State: Andhra   District: Visakhapatnam   City: visakhapatnam  

hi i am satti babu Reservattions are not good for society they will bad results to the atmosphere so it is time to eliminate the reservations

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One year relaxation on Date of Birth, need help
  Posted By: Rahul / Date: 6/6/2006
State: Haryana   District: Sonipat   City: Proper  

I passed my 10th class from Haryana Board scoring 84.33%,& 12th from C.B.S.E.Board scoring 86.4% (Maths-99,Accountancy-95). I want to become a no.1 C.A. and with this I want to make a B.Com(Hons.)from D.U. But in D.U. the minimum age requirement is 17 year & my age is 16 year. give me suggesion on this problem.
Response awaited.


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Help to Lodge a Complaint against fraud institute.
  Posted By: Vijay / Date: 2/28/2006
State: Tamil   District: Ariyalur   City:  

I am an NRI residing in UK. I was misguided m
by an univeristy in India that NRI's can do distant education and write examinations abroad. But once I paid the fees I found that they dont have any contacts abroad to conduct examinations. I have asked them for a refund but they are not responding to any of my requests. I want to proceed legally on this. Can you please advice on how I should do this? I contacts the local embassy, but they say that they cant get involved as its between an individual and an institution in India. 

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Job oriented education
  Posted By: Amit / Date: 1/26/2006
State: Punjab   District: Amritsar   City: mohali  

we are in 21st century but it is indeed a matter a great disappointment that we have not yet matched the required education standard. though the literacy rate is incresing but the pace is very low.despite this our education has become only a monotonous theme to be enjoyed and it is not employment oriented as such it ihas to be.We have to think over it and endeavoured should be done to make it better in terms of job giving .we have many literate unemployed. I am using literate instead of educated because of the degrading moral standards of the masses. Most of we are educated fool. i am sorry to say this phrase but this is the abjact reality. we have to accept it.last but not the least are the upcoming governmental policies regarding education .They are just a political stunt and nothing else. recently a dirty example of this type was the passing of a bill which intends to nullify a supreme court judgment regarding minority educational institutions.Politicians are not actuallu looking after the welfare of the people instead they are trying to prove that they are superior to judicairy and fighting for their supremacy.As a responsible citizen i am expressing my views on this problem with a hope that it will at least open the eyes of those people who will take a look over it. Thank you 

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Childrens Education to be based on the future India
  Posted By: p.s.prabakaran / Date:
State: Tamil   District: Chennai   City: Chennai  

Children’s are the future back bone to any country. Present trend in the social human rights are very alarming to create a severe damage to the mankind for future survivors of the country apparently our children’s are the one‘s and never even known of the impact will be caused to them in the future as today we are responsible for their future and having learnt the lesson of the past happenings and effect of which, the present system is lacking the humankind fundamental social welfare and rights in our country should necessary see to that atleast our future generations ie our children’s do not suffer the lack of such systems which shall be the fundamental to all mankind.
Globally especially European countries like France, Germany are well established and organized in this system and people in these countries are enjoying the better way of life.
now globally agreed fact that we Indians considered are much more knowledgeable than any other country in the world in area’s like science, information technology, mathematics etc, should atleast realiase and come forward to develop or implement a better way to improve the human way of living life both socially and personally.

The following points could be implemented in the education system in-order to groom our children’s on the right path for future India.

One SEPEARTE subject on the awareness of the social welfare
One SEPERATE subject on the awareness of the corruption damages.
One SEPERATE subject on the awareness of the Humanity respect.
Your suggestions are valued to improve our future generation’s education.

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Regarding high fees structure
  Posted By: mca students / Date:
State: Uttar Pradesh   District: Any District   City:  

Respected sir
We are the students of MCA 2nd year (2003-2006 batch) from (college affiliated to)U.P .TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY .

Our problem is that at the time of our admission our fee structure was not decided and the admission was taken on the basis of provisional fee of 19,000 p.a
Later on after admission all the colleges raises their fee structure and our's become 45,000 p.a
Latter this matter goes to the fee deciding committee which has not decided the fee till the date and only 1 year is left in the completion of our course and the fee is still not decided and we are paying 45,000 p.a

So sir, by this letter i want your point of attraction to this matter

Hereby we all the students of MCA request you to take personnel interest in the matter so that our fees can be decided well before we leave the college

We all will be very thankful to you for taking interest in the matter

thanking you, sir,
your's faithfully
(all students of MCA 2nd year) 

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Intellectual Dissipation Sans Development!
  Posted By: R. / Date:
State: Kerala   District: Thiruvananthapuram   City:  

Recent happenings in God's own country i.e. Kerala, especially in the capital city Thiruvananthapuram, is a clear sign of intellectual dissiplation rather than intellectual development. Everything in the name of education and an Engineering College student who committed suicide. This fault of intellectual disspination lies in the modern system of education that encouraged this vicous tendency, misdirects the mind and thereby hinders its development instead of helping it. It is rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi that true education of the intellect can only come through a proper exercise and training of the bodily organs, e.g. hands, feet, eyes, ears, nose, etc. The intelligent use of the bodily organs in a child alone provides the best and quickest way of developing his intellect. The development of the mind and body does hand in hand with a corresponding awakening of the soul and the former alone would prove to be a poor lop-sided affairs. By spiritual training Gandhiji meant education of the heart. According to him a proper and all-round development of the mind can take place only when it proceeds pari pass with the education of the physical and spiritual faculties of the child. They constitute an indivisible whole. It would be a gross fallacy to suppose that they can be developed piecemeal or independently of one another. Will the Government in Kerala as well as Union Government and other State Governments take care of this noting what Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi said in 1937? They are more relevant today than ever before. 

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  Posted By: SATINDAR SINGH / Date:
State: Chhattisgarh   District: Durg   City: BHILAI NAGAR  

Respected dear Mr. president,
In our city there is lack of proper guidance to students at every level. Be it the selection of subjects in high schools, be it the selection of future career etc. . Here people are just running on the road previous persons laid down. We are unable to get the knowledge about the various career oriented courses which some good colleges, in delhi,bombay or other city, are running. Maximum of our kids are just running for either engg. or medical courses. They don't know about the importance of fine arts or like that. And if they want to take them as their career their parents don't allow. Why all are only after money, it's sad. We must do something to develop and explore our cultural and artistically potential.

Editor message:
Satindar is correct. There are lot of talented people, but not enough encouragement and facilities to bring the talent out from the new generations. If we can find deferent ways to encourage and educate our children about new courses and demand the government to start these new courses across the country, we will be able to get exposure to the talent show. Dear Friends, please post your suggestions and lets fight for the rights.

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Pirates of education
  Posted By: Prakash.B / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City:  

In India I find that the education is highly subsidised in various levels. There are Indians who utilise this facility in India and fly of to other countries to earn money and live comfortably. This is direct looting of Public Money which is equivalent of bribe etc...

I suggest that each guy who goes to a foreign country for earning should be levied a tax of at least 10% of what he is earning there. At every stage like issue of air ticket, immigration check they should. This status should be updated on those go ther on a students visa and take a job subsequently. The students should give a bank guarantee of the Rs.10 LAKHS which can be encashed the moment he gets the work permit in that country.

This will atleast give back the amount of tax payers money spent on each student. 

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Coordinating Admissions with other colleges
  Posted By: VC / Date:
State: Tamil Nadu   District: Chennai   City:  

In Madras, professional college admissions used to be announced a few
weeks after admissions to arts/science colleges are announced. Good
arts/science colleges like Loyola College used to ask in their application
forms whether someone has applied for professional colleges and will be
turned down if they have done so. People who answer truthfully lose out.
People who lie on the forms do not. Several people lie, join the good
colleges, and leave if they get into professional colleges. Can better
coordination be done? Usually first time college goers are the ones to
suffer. When they realize that nobody gives a damn about them, this turns
them into cynics. (I am not even asking to eliminate corruption in
professional college admissions. This is a separate issue.) 

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Unfortunate Children needs your Help
  Posted By: Samuel Vonumu / Date:
State: Any State   District: Any District   City: India  


I belong to a very poor family once upon a time. With God's blessings I am very sucessful and doing very well in life now. My past has taught me so much in life. I started helping poor children where the parents are unable to educate them due to financial problems. Our children are our future therefore, we need to do something especially for people of Country, India.

Currently, I am sponsoring 20 children in Nuzvid and 3 children in Vizag and 3 more in Narsapur in AndhraPradesh. Since I am from Andhra Pradesh, I started with helping children from Andhra. I know a lot of people around who can monitor the children in the schools and make sure they get the help 100%. That is the only reason, I started in Andhra. Frankly speaking, All are equal to me. Poor people need no religion or country. Where ever they are, they are poor and they need help. I would like to get in touch with those who are interested in helping our people in India. I believe in team work and unity. Togeather we can do wonders. If you have some budget available for helping poor children, please let me know. Because, I am getting many requests from families in India who needs help. But I cannot help all alone. Some of you wanted to help but do not know how. I will show you the way if you show committed interest.

May God bless you and your willingness to help others.

With Love
Samuel Vonumu

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