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"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."
"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you."
 -- Mother Teresa

Are you Donating money to NGO or any other organizations or to the temples?

Normally anyone who is interested in donating money for good reasons, they would like to get satisfaction based on the purpose of that donation and type of help providing. We heard lot of people saying that these organizations spend money to manage the organization first and they may show incorrect account spending. We always go to the organizations are parsonally visited to vierify the activities. Here some simple suggestions on how you can feel safe and happy when you donate money. My suggestion is that give the money directly to that person or group of people who are in need for your help. First decide on what kind of help you are interested in providing. 

Donate Directly to Schools or Children in the form of Books, Cloths etc  cartier replica watches
If you are interested in donating money for schools or children or any similar kind, it's good idea to adopt a school or a shelters for homeless people. Then send money directly to that school or ask your friends to give the books, cloths etc. 

Donating money for a good cause 
Lot of people are interested in donating money, but don't have time to take the action in person. Select a nearest location and spend a weekend day or send someone else who can go there to validate the need and cause. If you are an NRI ask your relatives, family members or friends to take the responsibility.
Donating Money to Temples 
Donating money to temples depends on the interest of the person, it does help keep the faith in god, culture and tradition alive for the generations to come. We  also suggest you to use some percentage of that donation in the form of cloths to those people who are really old and begging in front of the temple, you will get a satisfaction to this life when those old people bless you.

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