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"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."
"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you."
 -- Mother Teresa

To Indians And Pakistanis
Article By Prashanthi.

The recent cricket match between India and Pakistan in the world cup revealed the feelings of the people of both the Nations. Both sides claimed, "No matter whether we win the world cup or not, to win over the arch rival is important. It is itself the world cup".

After the match was over, the celebrations on this side of the border and the "calmness after death" like silence and anger on the other side revealed the feelings of hatred which are deeply inculcated.

We all must be ashamed for such feelings. Our statements mean that Pakistan is itself a world to India and viceversa. Isn't this ridiculous? Since we are mean and behave with that Ideology, we could not develop well and could not play a significant part in world politics. I really wonder at the thoughtfulness of the Britishers in facilitating the Partition and feel ashamed on behalf of both of us that we still continue to be the same and quarrel with each other. After all, we are brothers.

Can Pakistan or India wholeheartedly believe any Nation that it can settle the dispute between them? If not, why should they make hell of themselves before the world? Why should they quarrel with each other encouraging the world community to benefit from the Arms sale? 

Being an Indian, no doubt that I like the victory of India. But still this time I can't enjoy as much as I did in the last world cup. The reason may be that I wish strongly for a true sense of brotherhood between these two Nations and also the influence of the discussions I had with some Pakistani students who are studying abroad. I came to know that Pakistani common man and some educated elite there also wish for good relations with India. But the successive govts. and the military do not permit the normalcy of the relations. So we should not hate Pakistanis.

To Pakistan: Try to understand that the support you get either from America or from China is only to obstruct India in forging ahead and to profit their Arms' business. Any help is just strategic. Think, you are just quarreling against your own brother, damaging both and benefiting others. Coming to Kashmir issue, as Nehru stated, even if we give Kashmir in a gold Platter, they(you) still try to harm us. We, Indians, still believe this statement. What answer can you give? Where is the question of Confidence? My dear neighbour, come forward. We always lend the hand of f'ship. Accept it with soft hands but not greet it with thorns.

To India : Always stating that we are strong enough to combat Pakistan. Shame, Shame. What is the size of Pakistan? Victory over it does in any way means Self-sustainity? In fact, there are Pakistani agents in every nook and corner of our country trying to destroy us in every possible way. What is and Where is the victory?

That to compare ourselves with China, a slowly and silently progressing Nation. Even America thinks twice to talk over the issues that involve and concerns China. Are we strong enough to combat with China?

Also do not think that to wait for Pakistani military regime to stop Cross Border Terrorism. It can never be happen. Instead, try to win the hearts of Pakistani people and spread the true intentions of We, the Indians, among them, the Love and the Brotherhood.

We, as citizens, what can we contribute in this matter?

My suggestions/ideas :: 

1) News Papers must run a special column for other country people(neighbour) to share their views on issues concerning both of us and the solutions they suggest.

2) They should run a Column about "Good Feelings on Neighbour". In this, they should share the good feelings of them about their neighbour.

3) Encourage dialogue between the people.

4) Conduct Youth tours and exchange students

5) Promote Art. Conduct JugalBandis with artists of both countries.

We must awake, before its too late. Both the Countries are burning and the hearts are wounded. We must shower the water of love before we become ash in the fire of hatred.

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