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"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."
"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you."
 -- Mother Teresa

Outsourcing our police system
Article By Srikanth.

Privatization of police helps in reducing corruption, better services, honoring human rights...etc.. there is an experiment being conducted in hyd, I am posting an article appeared in The Hindu and my suggestions.


 "IN A bid to move closer to people, the city police had embarked on several innovative experiments in the last couple of years. Blue Colts and Rakshak teams were introduced to further better policing. A new force `lake-police' is waiting in the wings. Bringing the services of the police to the doorstep of people, the East Zone police launched a novel method of going to the complainant's house and registering cases there itself following a telephone call.  

Plans are afoot to install an exclusive telephone in each police station with only `incoming' facility, to receive feedback from people. An exclusive citizens' charter, comprising details of what the police `will do and cannot do for public' is on the cards. Some new concepts like centralized lock-up system were introduced to ensure that human rights were not violated.

 While these innovations are helping the police shed their reported negative image to some extent, a new project -- outsourcing of some non-core police functions -- by the Central Zone has thrown light on some intricacies of policing hitherto uncared for. As part of the project, some duties otherwise discharged by the men in the Ramgopalpet police station have been entrusted to a private firm.

 The typing of case diaries has been assigned to a consultant who in turn employed a typist (using their own computer and other stationery) for which Rs. 8,000 per month was paid during October, November and December 2002. Earlier, two to three constables were engaged for the same work and sometimes they had to hire the services of a private typist.

 Another major task of retrieving bodies from the Hussainsagar Lake was also outsourced to a private party. On an average, about 100 bodies were found in the lake and the police had to spend about Rs. 750 on each body for retrieval, disposal and other legal formalities. The same work was given to a private party paying Rs. 750 per each body.

 Though reception centres were established at all police stations in the State, the handling of the reception counter in this police station has been handed over to the consultant on contract basis with a payment of Rs. 4,500 per month. An EPABX, with seven extension lines, had been installed. Among other things, the project brought to the fore the fact that a police station required some minimum amount of money for day-to-day operations.  

No amount is paid by the Government to meet such costs. Then, how are the Station House Officers meeting this expenditure? Are the powers-that-be and the higher-ups not aware of this paradoxical situation? While these daunting questions remain unanswered, the project also pointed out how a sizeable section of the force is being deployed for non-core police functions. "


there is a cost of around 10,000 rps per month or around 1,20,000 per year per police station, it is wrong to expect government pay up for these costs, as tax money government receives is ridiculously low in India, charity is not a constant and reliable model for meeting expenses, i welcome the suggestions from all, in building an economic module , which is self sufficient and income generating to meet these expenses, juz think about all the other spinoffs around outsourcing model, which frees  the police to do other works...here are few of my suggestions.. i welcome constructive criticism and reasonable solutions

the cost can be whopping , for a city like hyderabad, lets assume hyd has 100 police stations(taking into consideration of ever expanding city and its suburbs and future need of police stations) the money needed juz to run would be around 1,20,000*100=1,20,00,000 !!! this is juz a crude way of hitting to the final cost, expenses can be more, if other services are added.

the janmabhomi concept can be applied for this, the model is well known, working, with proper accounts and responsibility,

under this mechanism the local ppl pay up 50% and govn contributes 50% this is too high, from govt. around 50,00,000 rs..

high income neighborhoods can easily contribute for this income, like banjharahills, jublieehills etc.. but what about low income neighborhoods?? it would cost there community around 50,000 per year,

I would welcome suggestions about a model which provides money ...

how about charging the people filing complaints of charging 10rs???  that would not just cover the costs, but would also fill the coffers..this has been a long mail, so let me cover some of my suggestions in next part, i would welcome suggestions from all

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