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"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."
"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you."
 -- Mother Teresa

Why Politicians and ministers always talk about Pakistan everyday?
Article By Prem.

Dear Readers,
 I am a avid reader and follower of the happenings in Indian politics. I diligently read the websites that carry daily Indian news and also the weeklyís. If you have ever noticed, mentioning Pakistan has become a rule for all politicians. I take a step back and look at the things happening in the last six months. When the politicians dont have anything to talk about, when their constituency is in drought, when there is communal violence, when there is negative growth or when there is rabid arson and looting every day, they always say "Pakistan is creating this problem and that scene" I wonder how much these people actually know about these problems. We all know AND agree that Pakistan is a troublesome neighbor.

But isnít that the job of the armed forces to keep them out? Why politicize an issue like Pakistan? Lets look at the facts. India * First in IT exports * worlds largest food exporter in many items * GDP of 6% and climbing * A secular and free democratic country.

Now lets look at Pakistan * IT, what is IT for them? I do know quite a number of absolutely brilliant Pakistani engineers and they are my very good friends, but as a country they are not a match to us in that arena *food, well the only export that comes from them might be wheat * GDP is a joke in Pakistan *Democracy is more like Demo Crazy there with a Dictator elected government trying to cover itself in lies and deceit.

Now, WHY are we comparing ourselves with this country? Do we compare ourselves with other under-developed countries like Ethiopia or Sudan? They too have the same kind of status as Pakistan! How many of us compare ourselves with our friends who got lesser marks than us in our exams and felt happy about it. And if we did, how did it help us grow? Anytime our Defense Minister talks, its about Pakistan.

Well, our standing army is more than 1/6 th of their population. If they launch a nuclear attack on us, maybe one part of India will be gone. If we retaliate, there will be Afghanistan and then India with no Pakistan in the middle. I think its high time we quit trying to measure up to a failure of a country and start measuring ourselves to the big guy, China. Say what you may, but the discipline and the dedication of the Chinese are something that you and I have to admire.

Being a democracy doesnít mean that we can act in every irresponsible way and get away with it just like being a Communist country doesnít mean that even the slightest fault should be severly punished. So where do we start? Exports, of course. I am from Tamil Nadu and I have heard that our sarees are as inventors of the saree, its a joke to see people from the western world buy a Thailand made or Taiwan made saree. Let the state government form society clubs that compete with each other and sell it in the open market without any duties. That is just an example of what we can do to improve exports.

 And then defense. We should NOT care about Pakistan's minor irritations. Its like a little mosquito humming around your ear. You know that you can squash the mosquito any time and so you dont want to spend five hours of your working day to hunt a mosquito at home.

Let us focus on OUR growth rather than others impotence. Let us focus on improving our systems than laughing at other peopleís failures. I hope this message gets to every Indian politician someday and I hope they realize that once upon a time, they too were ordinary people just like you and me. And someday they will have to step out of the limelight to be back among us. I hope they understand that their deeds will reflect the way they are welcomed back. Forget Pakistan, letís focus on ourselves and set high goals to achieve. 

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