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** 1st Day of Every month is corruption free-Day **
Don't give bribes and don't take bribes at least on first day of every month. You will make the difference!

Welcome to Indians around the world. We would like to invite you to become a part of this revolutionary group to make India ideal country to live, by suggesting good policies and your valuable thoughts to the problems reported in India.
Recycling Glass and Plastic Bottles - Stop from throwing in trash

Do you know that an average time for a plastic material to biodegrade fully is approximately 450 years And Glass may never decompose?
The way Indian population is growing and throwing plastic bottles and other recyclable material in the garbage causes for more concern for clean environment and the pollution we are creating will hunt our future generations.
More Details!

Recent solutions posted on this issue:
* Collect Deposit on each bottle and payback when the empty bottle is returned

India Corruption and Law & Order News
* Black money holders may get red carpet in Budget 2012 (Feb 14, 2012)
* Analysis: India struggles to contain seismic corruption and rampant tax evasion (Feb 14, 2012)
* Switzerland more corrupt than India?
(Feb 14, 2012, FT)
* Supreme Court has cancelled 122 telecommunications licences awarded to companies in 2008 (Feb 02, 2012)
* CWG scam: ED files charge sheet in Queens Baton Relay, names Kalmadi (Feb 2nd, 2012)
* India's Swamy, sworn enemy of the ruling Congress (Feb 2nd, 2012)
* India Should Look to Hong Kong's Example in Its Fight Against Corruption (Feb 2nd, 2012)
* Gandhian Anna Hazare in Bangalore for nature cure therapy (Feb 2nd, 2012)

The Indian Police mission - Serve and Protect:
As a first milestone for our future generations, We welcome every Indian to share the issues and concerns to improve our police system which plays a major role in preservation of values in public life and in ensuring the safety of every citizen. We welcome every possible solution to improve the system. Please help us to get the best solution to the problem. We will send all possible solutions to the government of India. A survey says Indians pays 26,728cr as bribe every year. Why cant we use our talent and save this money for development?
More Details!

Recent solutions posted on this issue:
* Record and monitor all incoming & outgoing calls to police stations
* Spread the word on how to report complaints against the police

CarPool/ Share A Ride
IndiaEyeWitness.Com provides you an easy way to find others who are interested in sharing their commute in a carpool/ Share A Ride. You can save money and reduce pollution.

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Pamphlets Revolution
We the iWitness team believe, the change can be brought only by awareness and collective effort. We have created easy to use pamphlets in many languages. Please print and make copies of the pamphlet and distribute them among your friends and well known stores. This will help us to reach every Indian around the world and in India. Click here!

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What is the Best Possible Solution to stop Corruption in Police Stations?

* Record all incoming & outgoing calls Click on VOTE button to enable
* Install video cameras Click on VOTE button to enable
* Declare Properties Every year! Click on VOTE button to enable

Editors Column!

It is never late to do a good thing. This is a golden opportunity for you to prove that you can do something for your homeland. This is the right place to share your thoughts to make our home land a dream land. Please come forward to report any issues you come across, and help others by giving a best possible solution to the problems reported.

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